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Rent anything you need for those weekend projects. Don't buy more things you'll only use one time.


Buy from people you trust. Make groups for apartment complexes, churches, schools, etc...


Sell those items collecting dust in your garage. Payments are handled through the app and go directly to your bank account.


Our team is passionate, driven, experienced, and committed to a brighter future.

Griffin Peddicord


Founder/ CEO: EGC (dukana) Co-Founder/ COO: Geekin Radio 14 -15’ Advisor: Blackbook Marketing (Technology & Innovation) 2010 International Yoga Champion 2015 White House Top 30 Tech Entrepreneurs Technology Advisor: Tears of LLorona 2015 Innovsion Innovation finalist HTML5, CSS3, SaSS, AngularJS, Node.JS, Swift2

Jacob Tyree


Founder: dukana

Bobby Wann


Founder: dukana Founder/ CEO Geekin Radio (exited 15’) Swift, HTML, AngularJS, Ionic

Manoj Govindan


Advisor: dukana Executive at Wells Fargo: Technology Discovery and Business Development Board of Advisors: Knight School of Media and Communication Chairman: Charlotte Business Advisory Committee SVP: Strategic Partnership and Marketing Executive, Technology Discovery and BizDev

Margaret Mills


An advocate for entrepreneurs, start ups, and non-profits, Maggie leverages her years of marketing expertise to place the right creative talent on the right projects. She concepts marketing strategy and ad campaigns cross media–online, print, traditional media, tv, and radio.

What is dukana?

Rent, Buy, Sell: in groups you control

About Dukana

Ever since the creation of uber and airbnb, it is our belief that people are becoming increasingly more comfortable with dealing with strangers in order to cut costs. Not only that, there is strong evidence that these companies are thriving because of the social atmosphere created by their platforms. In our opinion, these apps are bringing people together again and creating a sense of community between strangers. So let me ask you this. Would you really go buy a latter to fix a gutter when you know you probably won’t use it more than twice and the neighbor across the street has one of his own? And what if you didn’t have to knock awkwardly on the door because it was already posted on our app (so you know he actually wants to lend it out!). All you do is click, reserve, and chat it up through messenger before walking over. Now think about all the money you could save on other items or services. What about the side cash you could make by doing the reverse? Did we just become best friends? Now if you can fathom all the potential use cases for this platform, you will begin to understand the environmental and economic impact this could have. No more useless waste. Rent, borrow, buy, and sell with your fellow humans.

Business Info

  • +1 843 882 7014
  • Charleston, SC

What Our Beta Users Say

experts agree: dukana is the way of the future

Been using the app for a month now. Started off a little buggy but now it is very smooth. I had my backpack stolen with my dreaded biology book inside of it. None of my friends are taking biology so I decided to look on dukana for anyone renting the book. Found a couple people renting out all their books for extra cash and was able to rent the bio book for a few bucks so I could cram for the test. Saved me from spending another $300 on books or failing my exam. Boom.


College Student
Ever since I started using this app, I have found myself doing the things I always make excuses not to do. Turns out another user was offering to lend his paddle board out for $20! I parked right near his house on Sullivan’s island, picked up the board from his garage and had an amazingly exhausting time. Had absolutely no fears about picking it up because he was mutual friends with 4 of my friends. He was actually really cute… legitimately excited to use this app everywhere someday.


Weekend Adventurer
Our entire church group downloaded the app after a fellow member asked us all to try it out and see if it made life a little easier. We have a few hundred members and it has become addictive to get on a see what people have to offer. Unfortunately, my wife has also become addicted. The second she saw a weed whacker available for $5, I knew I was in trouble. Needless to say, my wife really likes the app and I miss sitting on the couch a bit more.


Church Goer


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